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State Library

Day 5617: State Library

After living in Melbourne for over 15 years I finally managed to get inside the State Library Victory on White Night Melbourne 2019.

<>I stepped inside the La Trobe Reading Room and meet a mysterious lift operator who took me down into the depths of State Library Victoria on a journey to discover how books are made.

It is all a projection on the inside of the library which spans the ceiling of the La Trobe Reading Room.

Posted: Saturday, August 24, 2019


The Spiritual Realm

Day 5616: The Spiritual Realm

It is still Night two of Melbourne White Night reimagined and I am at Carlton Gardens in The Spiritual Realm surrounded by lantern-like animals amongst other weird and wonderful things to see.

Feed your soul and imagination at Carlton Gardens as it is transformed by mysterious creatures and spiritual experiences. Stories from the past and present play out against nature’s landscape. A magical transformation of the gardens into a world of mystery, myth, and imagination.“Mad Max Fury Road” is a world premiere event and will feature some of the film’s most iconic and impressive vehicles, the Doof Wagon, the Gigahorse, and Mad Max’s iconic Razor Cola Interceptor placed across the Melbourne Museum forecourt. These vehicles will be framed against footage from the film, video mapped onto the façade of the Royal Exhibition Building, a bespoke soundtrack, special effects and live performances, to create the Mad Max Fury Road experience.

Over five metres high and with wings that span six metres, the Messenger is back with tidings of peace and unity. This awe-inspiring, futuristic archangel returns, transcending nationality and religion, to spread messages of love and compassion. Highlighting that our similarities are more important than our differences, the Messenger will once again stride through Carlton Gardens aiming to inspire all people, regardless of race, gender, faith, age or orientation. Brought to life by eight talented puppeteers and performers, the White Knight Messenger draws on light, colour, cross-cultural iconography and human diversity to act as a guardian of the night, overseeing the crowds and ensuring the wows!

Posted: Friday, August 23, 2019


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